Movement for Justice in El Barrio Marches Against Gentrification

August 29, 2007

Spanish Harlem residents are being pushed out by greedy landlords seeking to bring in big box stores and condos.

On Sunday over a hundred people gathered to march against gentrification in East Harlem. The Movement for Justice in El Barrio organized the march to call attention to the buying up large tracts of El Barrio and the displacement of long time residents.

Over 100 people gathered at 116th Street and Lexington Ave to march west to City Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito's office. Chanting, "The people united will never be defeated" they made speeches in both spanish and english accusing the Councilwoman of ignoring their pleas and going back on her word.

The group continued on to Adam Clayton Powell Blvd and 124th Street to a Housing Preservation and Development office.

There they set up a sidewalk camps and awarded the Worst Landlord awards to Dean Realty, Dawnay Day, Nasir Sasouness, with the biggest Rat award going to HPD.

"They're tearing the community apart. They're destroying the culture. They're transforming it so that it can be a community for the wealthy, similar to midtown Manhattan.” said Juan Haro, of the Movement for Justice in El Barrio.

The Movement for Justice in El Barrio is planning a trip to London, England to confront Dawnay Day at their corporate headquarters.

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