Rent wars of East Harlem: It takes a village to raise hell

When Ricardo Ramón and Natalia Evangelista immigrated to the United States from Santa Inez, a small, arid farming town in the southern Mexican state of Puebla, they didn’t imagine that they would be fighting displacement again. “We have the same problems we left in Mexico,” said Ramon. “There, they fight for a place to live.

"We Will Not Be Moved!": El Barrio Fights Back Against Globalized Gentrification

For tenants, the company’s offer to “bring along Harlem’s gentrification” can be translated to mean harassment, eviction, displacement --experiences all too familiar to the people of Harlem, if all too invisible to the media. For every time we hear of the deepening housing crisis facing homeowners, we hear nothing of the other housing crisis—the perpetual crisis that low-income renters face every day in cities like New York, in neighborhoods like East Harlem.

Movement for Justice in El Barrio Launches International Campaign in Defense of El Barrio

On Sunday April 6th, 2008 Movement for Justice in El Barrio took the struggle against gentrification in NYC to an international level. Through the new International Campaign in Defense of El Barrio, Movement for Justice in El Barrio is organizing on a transnational level to combat displacement in El Barrio (East Harlem) by building a multi-national network to go after one of their main targets, the multi-national corporation Dawnay, Day Group at their central headquarters in London and on multiple continents where they hold property.