Tenants seek ouster of Harlem property manager

March 19, 2010

Tenants at a 47-building apartment complex in East Harlem that was put into foreclosure in August, will march Sunday afternoon outside the offices of property manager EH Property Management Inc. to rally for the company's removal. In addition, the tenants are threatening to file a lawsuit Monday to ask the state Supreme Court to remove EH Property Management from the position.

The 1,142-apartment complex was owned by now-defunct Dawnay Day, a British investment firm that bought the building from Steve Kessner in 2007. Since then, a receiver has been appointed for the building. It was the receiver who retained EH Property Management to manage the building, according to Juan Haro, director of Movement for Justice in El Barrio, a grassroots organization working with tenants to help them to address issues with both the previous landlords and the current property management.

Tenants claim that EH fails to make repairs, overcharges on fees and is unresponsive to emergencies.

“They are known as being a horrible company,” said Mr. Haro, adding that tenants' problems with its landlords date back to the days of Mr. Kessner. According to Mr. Haro, Mr. Kessner was listed by the Village Voice as one of the city's 10 worst landlords. EH is run by Mr. Kessner's son.

About 100 tenants are expected to turn up for the protest at EH's offices at 1790 Third Ave., between East 99th and East 100th streets. EH has managed the complex since Mr. Kessner was the landlord.

Nonprofit Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development also named the complex in its 30-page report, “Predatory Equity: Evolution of a Crisis,” listing Dawnay Day as one of the buildings overleveraged by predatory equity investors.

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